Is your application not opening at all and you are using a system other than OSX? Geneffects applications are written in Java and you may need to download an install a Java Runtime Enviornment. You may download a JRE from here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: I just ordered a Geneffects product, where is my registrtion code?
A: Registration codes are generated by hand. You will definitely get your code in the next 24 hours. If not, see the next question:

Q: I've waited over a day, where is my registration code?
A: There is a very good chance that your mail has some sort of spam filter. If that is so, the email which contained your registration coded could have been sent, but then filtered by your spam filter. If your filter puts spam in its own folder, check this folder for the registration email. If you fear the registration email may have been deleted, please temporarily disengage your spam filter then send us an email requesting that we re-send your registration code.

Q: My OSX machine tells me that I need a "newer Java" to run a Geneffects application. What's the deal there?
A: Open the "System Preferences" application. From that panel there should be an application called "Software Update". Open that. Click the "Update Now" button. (Of course, be sure you are connected to the internet, but if you are reading this web page then you probably are.) Hopefully it will connect to the servers at Apple and find a Java update for you. If nothing relating to Java shows up then the you may have to do other installs first (such as security or system updates).

Q: Are the Geneffects applications I purchased freely upgradable to the latest version?
A: It is present Geneffects policy to charge for upgrades only if the version number is incremented by a whole unit. Therefore, if you own version 1.1, you can get 1.5 for free. However, if a version 2.0 comes out, you will be required to upgrade.

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