Black Monday (120k)
2mins 06 secs
A dark day in trading history. The data of 15 stocks from the 1987 (Jan to Dec) Dow were converted to this piece using TickTrola technology. Interestingly, you can hear the market becoming sickly a few days before October 19th, the day of the crash.

TickTrola - the Application
With the full application (written in Java, so it can run on virtually any PC) you can enter any stock symbol and TickTrola will use the internet to gather the past few weeks of market data for that stock and play it - so you can use your ear to hear where the current market is going!


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TickTrola is built with Java and ready to run on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Solaris, or any other system with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)! (If you're not running OSX, you may need a JRE. Download it here.)


Auralize the market.tm
Combining the philosophies behind two of Thomas Edison's greatest inventions - the ticker-tape and the Victrola: TickTrola converts stock data to tones so that you can keep your ear on the market!

Try out the TickTrola quiz Applet!

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Start by hitting the "Play Stock Data" button. What will then happen is a few notes of stock data will be played. If, after listening to the melody, you feel that the market will go up or down, click on the appropriate button. If you don't know, play the melody again or just guess.

If your percent correct is more than 50% then you could be making money with TickTrola right now!

The TickTrola application is similar to the quiz applet, but you are played current data, and you'll know if you guess correctly when you check tomorrow's quotes!

Who will find TickTrola useful?

  • The Busy: With the patent-pending MarketMusictm algorithms employed in TickTrola, people with more important things to do than keep their eyes glued to a stock ticker can now just put on some headphones and soak in the information.

  • The Blind: When this program was first being developed it was tested by a person who had been blind since birth. Using this program they were able to turn their disadvantage to advantage.

  • The Savants: If you fall in the group of people, consider yourself lucky... very lucky. The savant can hear patterns in the data and get an intuitive feel for where the market is going. This perceptive ability can give you the edge on your investment strategies.

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