All Geneffects software is written in the Java programming language. This allows many advantages, namely platform independence. People running OS X, Windows, Unix or any system with a Java runtime environment will be able to launch software written by Geneffects.

Since Apple Computers has made OS X to be so Java friendly, MuSing is specially packaged to run on OS X as a double-clickable application. However, if OS X has not been updated to have the latest version of Java you will get this error: "Cannot launch application It requires a newer Java." Here's what you need to do:

Open the "System Preferences" application. From that panel there should be an application called "Software Update". Open that. Click the "Update Now" button. (Of course, be sure you are connected to the internet, but if you are reading this web page then you probably are.) Hopefully it will connect to the servers at Apple and find a Java update for you. If nothing relating to Java shows up then the you may have to do other installs first (such as security or system updates).

If you do this and still experience trouble, please contact .

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