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Mental Therapeutics: Healing by Mental Suggestion. Prof. Thomson J. Hudson, of Boston, author of "The Laws of Psychic Phenomena," and other books, relates the case of a man who had suffered for years with inflammatory rheumatism and nervous attacks, his sufferings being so intense that one of his hips had been drawn out of joint, leaving one leg some two inches shorter than the other. Through friends it was decided to treat him by mental treatment administered during sleep. The treatment began May 15, 1890. Only two friends knew of the proposed experiments, and they were requested to note the time when the experiments began. Some months later one of these two met the invalid and was surprised to find him well. Asked when he began to improve, he answered, "About the middle of May." After that he has remained well and been able to attend to his business of journalism. "Were this a single instance," Prof. Hudson adds, "it might be considered a mere coincidence. But more than a hundred experiments have been made by this process by myself and two other persons, and not a single failure has thus been experienced."

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