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Mental Therapeutics: Method of Treatment (Healing by Mental Suggestion). Prof. Hudson, by long experimenting and reasoning, arrived at the conclusion that the "best possible condition for the conveyance of therapeutic suggestions form the healer to the patient is attained when both are in a state of natural sleep; and that such suggestions can be so communicated by an effort of the will on the part of the healer just before going to sleep." The theory is that the conscious mind being at rest during slumber, the natural mind, sometimes called the "subjective" mind, which controls the involuntary actions of the bodily organs, can be, and is, influenced by suggestions from other minds. The same could be done during wakefulness if the patient could place himself in that same passive, receptive attitude that he perforce takes during sleep. As it is, a large share of the cures made by our best physicians are made, not by the medicines, but by the power of suggestion born by the physician's confidence and the patient's faith. Every one has experienced the ready helpfulness of a visit from some doctor in whom he had implicit faith, when another, and possibly fully as good doctor, failed to give relief.

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