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Metal Therapeutics: Miracles Possible. The Rev. Edward Macomb Duff of the Living Church, the leading religious newspaper of the protestant Episcopal Church in America, says, in commenting on the reports of the British Society for Psychical Research, of which the Bishop of Carlisle is a member: "According to these evidences, the human mind in a certain condition of passivity - sometimes in hypnosis and sometimes in a state superficially indistinguishable from normal wakefulness - manifests certain faculties and powers which are supersensory and supernormal,.and at the same time manifests singular limitations and weakness, in that it becomes the slave of the suggestion. The bearings of these facts upon Christian evidence are, it seems to me, in part self-evident, and, for the rest, apparent upon a little reflection.

"The first self-evident conclusion derivable from the facts is, I think, that the existence of a superphysical or of a supersensory, becomes a fact resting upon scientific demonstration." This, of course, is fatal to skepticism of the materialistic kind. He also states that it makes the miracles of Christ and the apostles more probable, as it is proven the miraculous is taking place every day.

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