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Why Men Curse their Mothers-in-law. -- A stupendous imposition perpetrated by mothers is that of sending their daughters into the world as wives without having taught them the most necessary accomplishments of domestic life, such as how to make their own clothing, and how to cook and properly conduct household affairs. No one understands and appreciates or feels its blighting influences on his home so well as the deceived and defrauded husband, who desired a "help-mate," and believed that the object of his choice would realize his utmost wishes.

But now, alas, marriage has unveiled the deception. If the silent execrations and maledictions that have been heaped upon mothers-in-law for their dereliction of duty in this respect could be thundered in their ears, it might arouse them to a sense of their duty, and perhaps induce some reform in their shortcomings, in the persons of their daughters.

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