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Outdoor Exercise for Girls - Ordinarily it is not fashionable for girls and ladies to engage in active, out-door sports, such as running, playing ball, rambling over fields, etc.; and if young girls do take part in them they are cruelly called romps and tomboys - as terms of reproach - as though girls have not as good a right to exercise, air, light, amusements, symmetry of form and consequent health and beauty, as boys. In the eyes of some it is not proper for young ladies to engage in any of the out-door employments which give vigor and health yo young men. There are but few who would wish to see them engage in the hardest manual labor, side by side with men, but we should like to see every farm provided with a large garden and orchard, and to see ladies spend more of their time cultivating berries, fruits, flowers and vegetables in the open air, and less in useless fancy sewing. They would thus make their homes paradises, where wealth, beauty and happiness would abound, instead of places of discontent, deformity and disease. Let such a change be wrought and it would cause the young men of our country to seek happiness in the quiet and peace of the domestic circle, surrounded by loving wives and happy children, instead of living bachelors, repelled by the fear of being yoked to extravagant, lazy, sickly wives, and by visions of starving, sickly and dying children.

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