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Injurious Effects of Fashionable Hours - In this respect of seasonable rest Nature has given way to Fashion. Fashionable society means late hours, and all who aspire to enter that charmed circle must conform to this requirement. The Modern fine lady must not only have time for her elaborate toilet before making her appearance at any place of evening entertainment, but she must also postpone her arrival to such an hour that, the place being filled, she can attract the greatest number of admiring regards to the splendid elegance of her costume. So theaters, concerts, lectures and sermons must alike wait for her coming, since she it is who gives character and tone to all these assemblies. People who labor and who ought therefore to be in bed by nine or ten o'clock, P. M., must conform to this rule or forego all fashionable amusements, and therefore it is that they are urged by all the well disposed to forego these amusements. It is not that the entertainments are wrong in themselves, but they sin against the health and happiness of all workers, whether with brain or muscle, by trenching more and more deeply as time goes on upon the hours which Nature has consecrated to repose. If workingmen and women must have amusement - and we concede that they must and should - let them devise it for themselves, within seasonable and proper hours. A persistently and repeatedly broken sleep very soon produces mental derangement; and the directors of asylums for the insane have found, by experience, that regular and early hours are essential to the improvement of their patients; and they require all their balls and parties to close punctually at ten o'clock, P. M. In this respect the insanity of fashion might well be placed under a like wise and judicious direction.

One hour of sleep in the early night is worth two at its end or in the day, for all the purposes of health and strength. If our ladies understood, what is undoubtedly the fact, that all their "beauty-sleep" must be gained before twelve P. M., there would probably be fewer devotees of fashion among them. the faded, wan and prematurely old women of society owe the earlier wreck of their splendid charms more largely to irregular and untimely hours than perhaps all other causes combined.

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