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Cigarettes and Tobacco are Ruining Millions of Young Men and Boys, thereby developing the passions, softening and weakening the bones, and greatly injuring the brain and nervous system. A boy who early and freely uses tobacco never is known to make a man of much energy or of character, and generally lacks mental and physical energy. The larger proportion of the aged, and those of mature years, very much lament that they were led to indulge in this habit. This should be a solemn warning to the young not to fall into the same error. Many boys have erroneously conceived the idea that to "puff" a cigar or cigarette, or chew a quid of tobacco, is manly--is genteel. Yet, if they did but know in what contempt such a course is held by the thoughtful and considerate, there would never be a repetition of it. I fancy I hear some young reader remark, "My father used tobacco many years, and died an old man; if tobacco killed him, it was very slow poison." I am apprised of the fact that some men of strong constitutions, active life and otherwise good habits, may use tobacco and alcohol, and even get drunk often, and yet live to a gold old age; but they are exceptions to the general rule; a much greater number will die young.

Besides, it will be found that most of those who lived to an old age did not commence the use of these poisons very young; else they used them moderately and were never what we call hard drinkers or smokers. And we would further say to this young man, that if he were born after his father commenced using tobacco, he does not, for that very reason, if not for others, possess his father's strength of constitution, if the latter used tobacco as freely as most young men use it to-day; neither can he follow in his father's footsteps without the chances of filling a premature grave. How many of us are to-day suffering from paternal errors in consequence of the iniquities of fathers being visited on the children.

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