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Tobacco Destroys Health, Imperils Social Standing, Extinguishes the Affections.--Besides it produces consumption, feeds dyspepsia, cherishes nervous diseases and palpitation of the heart, excites liver complaint, creates cancers, encourages headache, engenders weak eyes, invites disease and promotes softening of the brain. Its foul perfumes invade every railroad coach, street car and omnibus-line; contaminate hotels, boarding-houses and private apartments; its stench invades the family and social circle, and nauseates the mother, sickens the wife and insults the daughter; it extinguishes the affections of the doting lover, offends the young bride and disgusts the young maiden. It weakens the digestion, perverts the taste and leads to intemperance. It creates an offensive breath, repulsive mouth and soiled linen. It impairs the voice, furrows the cheek and sallows the complexion. And last, but not least, it makes angry mothers and scolding wives.

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