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"A Man Hater" Sexually

It is in the nature of things that man should desire to "multiply and replenish the earth." With some women and with many men the chief object and aim in marriage is to bring into the world healthy, intelligent and robust children to illumine their early and cheer their declining days.

With all who seek the married state the expectation is that it shall result in a prolonged intimacy with the chosen one and in securing a home--a peaceful, happy home. Is it not then of the utmost importance that steps should be taken, intelligently, to so choose as to gain the ends desired? And is it not the height of folly to go blindly into this, by far the most important relation of his lifetime?

If a man is full-blooded, sexually vigorous and strong, do you suppose that he could reasonably expect satisfaction if he married a girl like the one illustrated as "A Man Hater Sexually"? A woman whose sexual development was arrested in early youth--who has not enough sexual passion to last her through two years of wedlock? Assuredly not. (See page 113.) Such women usually have flat chests, narrow hips, bloodless and thin or peaked features, indicative of arrested sexual development and a lack of that warmth and softness that attracts and holds the affections of men. Some women marry because they want a man to support them. They will have a horror of bearing children or rearing a family. Sexually they are man haters. Let them alone, young man, unless you likewise are indifferent to such things.

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