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Look Before You Leap Into the Sea of Matrimony.

To select the characteristics that cause future trouble, while courting one need only watch with some care how his intended treats her family and friends. If she is cross to the dog, and the cat is afraid of her, have a care; some day you may find yourself leading a dog's life. Observe her conduct when she does not know you are observing her, and judge her by the characteristics you thus discover.

To live as happily and continue as affectionate after marriage as before is worth a little sacrifice, and it requires but very little sacrifice if you go about it the right way. First, of course, you must continue true to one another, but the secret will generally be found in one of two things. The most important of these is keeping alive at its best the sexual desires. This is the highest part of your nature and should be held sacred. Constant or uninterrupted indulgence is sure to destroy its enjoyment and destroy happiness for both.

The animals enforce periods of abstinence by instinct. Man has sense instead of instinct, and if he fails to use his intelligence he suffers. It is absolutely necessary, if you retain affections, to separate indulgence with long periods of abstinence. It is on this rock that more domestic happiness is ruined than any other. An while it may seem that first to be a sacrifice you will soon learn that it is instead a means of adding exquisite pleasure to both your lives that you were formerly strangers to.

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