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Evil Effects of Intemperance and Profanity.

Fun and hilarity are as natural as life. And it is right and proper to seek and enjoy them. But no one puts a greater stumbling block in his path than he who begins to from a habit of swearing or of drinking liquors. To see a drunkard or to hear a profane man for the first time is enough to fill any one with disgust. what sense then is there in any boy or young man beginning to do the things that after awhile will cause those who see them to feel disgust for them? And worse yet, it is not long before you begin to feel disgust for yourself, and you can't get away from your own company.

Swearing don't help anything. It neither makes "one hair white nor black." It weakens every expression to which it is added. It is simply and purely a habit caught by contagion, like small-pox, and cultivated by practice till it deforms the person habituated to it and injures his chances in every career in life from the humbles to the highest. Do not begin to swear, or if you have already begun, quit. That shows sense and ability. It is only very weak persons who can't or won't quit. So, too, with drinking and all other forms of intemperance. Young man, do not take the first step to intemperance in speech, or deed or thought. Or if you have already done so, stop now--now when the call comes to you. Now is always the best time.

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