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The popular notion that this, so often fatal disease, is caused by a seed or some other foreign substance becoming lodged in the vermiform appendix, or blind intestine, is no longer to be accepted as true, according to the expressed opinions of many leading physicians. The records of Bellevue hospital, New York, show that in 140 operations performed for appendicitis not more than 5 actually had a seed or other foreign substance lodged in the appendix. Recent investigations lead to the discovery that this disease occurs chiefly among men, rarely among women. It was also found that it very rarely occurs in men whose occupation requires them to stand upright or walk. It is held by some physicians that the disease is caused wholly by undue pressure on the vermiform appendix, and that this pressure is induced mainly by the habit of sitting cross-legged, with the right leg thrown over the left. (The appendix, being on the right side, is subjected to pressure by this position, which in time causes inflammation and appendicitis. The remedy is obvious.)

Another quite frequent cause is stated by a Chicago surgeon to be the habit of using excessive warm water injections to produce a movement of the bowels or to "flush the colon." Some of the fecal matter, or water carrying it, is thus forced up into the intestines and this fecal deposit, lodging in the appendix, produces inflammation and serious trouble. Great care should be taken in using rectal injections. Do not use water in excess or force it up too far.

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