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When Bathing is too Frequent.

When bathing is followed by itching, or a persistent redness, or wheels, or pimples or watery heads, the person so affected has remained too long in the bath or it has been too frequent. It should be remembered that when a feeling of comfort follows taking a bath, it is of special value, otherwise not. Persons who are in a weak, debilitated condition from any cause, and especially sickly, delicate children, should have a sponge bath in a warm room or under cover. But all healthy or robust persons should have a complete bath daily in the summer; other seasons of the year every second day. Ten o'clock A. M. is the best time for taking the bath. Bathing in cold rooms and in cold water is nearly always injurious, except to the most vigorous constitutions. Sometimes people are injured from their baths because of want of knowledge as to the proper time for bathing.

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