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Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Worst Blowcase

I am not kidding here. Okay, first, for those not initiated, the Sunday Showcase goes from 4 to midnight and features 8 bands who on any other day would have no chance in hell in playing at the Cradle. Very rarely there is a band of good quality. Kerbloki and A Problem of Alarming Dimensions both played the showcase, and they rock, but this happens only once or twice a year.

Today is by far the worst.

This band is pure noise Everything is improve - at least I hope it is. The few tones which were audible above the ring modulation were out of tune. The best part was when they called some grotesquely ectomorphic kid on stage to dance around. We did brisk earplug sales, but I think if we had also sold one-shot pistols, we would have had some takers.


Beth said...

I adore A Problem of Alarming Dimensions, or APOAD as the kids call them. Saw them open for Jucifer at Local 506 back before Glenn bought it and later at Go! APOAD was amazing at 506, but Jucifer overloaded their sound system and they had to do their entire set with no vocals. None. Well, she was yelling into the mic to no avail and I wonder if anyone told her she could stop and it wouldn't make any difference.

Speaking of Go! have you been there since it became Reservoir? It's like a heavy rock/metal version of OCSC, sort of.

10:47 AM  

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