iMeMiner – Batch Download Utility, Automatic Download

Extract images and movies from galleries, TGP (thumbnail gallery posts)

iMeMiner is an essential tool for anyone who downloads a lot of pictures and movies from web pages. Who likes going to a photo gallery and selecting “Download Image to Disk” for each and every picture link? iMeMiner gets only what you want; no extraneous graphics or banner ads are retrieved.

Bulk download
With iMeMiner it is a simple matter to download galleries of various media. Many batch download programs just grab media from one gallery at a time. With iMeMiner, you can extract the links from a museum page, select which galleries you wish to download, and set the computer to its task!

Batch Downloader; Picture Downloader; Image Downloader Utility screen shot

Screen shot

Cool Features:

  • Authenticator – lets you download galleries from password protected sites!
  • Intelligent Sort – Learns which kinds of pictures and movies you like, then sorts the list of galleries based on your preferences so that the media you want most is downloaded first!
  • Memory – iMeMiner remembers which galleries you have already downloaded so you don’t accidentally get duplicate media.
  • Customizable Download Order – You can specify the order in which the galleries are downloaded.
  • Smart Bookmarks – remembers your most frequented web sites and keeps the ones you visit most frequently at the top of the list.

Works great with images!
iMeMiner comes with a thumbnail view and full sized view for the display of downloaded images. You’ll be able to see each picture once they are downloaded! Plus, iMeMiner has keyboard control allowing you to easily navigate through your pictures.

It’s Amazingly Easy to Download a lot of Galleries

  1. Find a URL which links to a lot of image and movie galleries
  2. Paste it in iMeMiner’s URL bar
  3. Hit “Enter” or click “Extract”. This will pull up a list of the different image galleries.
  4. Select the galleries you want to get.
  5. Click “Go!” and watch all the galleries being downloaded.

Product Price Purchase with ShareIt
iMeMiner $24.95 Purchase
6 comments on “iMeMiner – Batch Download Utility, Automatic Download
  1. eyoh says:

    Hey Brian,

    I’m looking at your site…wanted something that would allow me to download all of the mp3’s on a SXSW page. Does imeminer do that too?

  2. Geneffects says:

    it depends. If the links go directly to the mp3s and not a web page for each mp3, then yes, it should be able to get all those tasty SXSW songs.

  3. steve says:

    your download link to iMeMiner for “windows” version points to linux version. please fix

  4. Enquisitor says:


    I have tried many site duplicators and image downloaders. Many of these totally fail when it comes to following thumbnails automatically. Ofcourse, i do over rule robot.txt .. thats the point. When I go to image gallery, last thing i want to do is click on a thumbnail .. see the image .. hit the back button and re do all above with next thumbnail. Can this program intelligently follow and batch download various thumbnail pages which are now a days done in php, cold fusion etc etc. As there is no demo, i cant do a direct purchase without testing the application to see if it satisfies my needs. [ especially after I have tried so many of them I know that I have to test out stuff myself before I make a purchase ]

  5. riscy says:

    Can i assume that you do not have a trial period download? I have tried lots of grabbers and some do not work………so?


  6. Geneffects says:

    Riscy, yes, you can download a trial version here

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