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Friday, March 18, 2005

A Couple of Snippets

  • It seems every person I respect hates CamelCasing. That pretty much means they hate every product name I've ever come up with.
  • The Indigo Girls show was... eh, yeah. The French would say, "les bien." I saw Kaia there and hung out with her a bit, but then I think her girlfriend got a little jealous.
  • Had lunch with E and Beth. Got briefly awkward when I complimented Beth on her solo for "Makeout" and she said, "oh, Leigh played that part."
  • Then had coffee with a girl who drank her iced-mocha like Napoleon Dynamite. That whole thing was weird.
  • Been working a lot on future product. Pretty excited, but I just want it to be done now.
  • I thought this short film was pretty funny.
  • Been feeling a little anthrophobic lately. Somewhat disconnected. It would be nice to leave for a while.


Billy Sugarfix said...

Wikipedia does not yet have a page called Anthrophobic.

8:49 AM  
Lance McCord said...

Oh, it has that page. But some pages are not for you and I to see.

2:39 AM  

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