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To have a successful website you need people finding it. You need search engines finding it, and you need to make sure those search engines can find every page on your site. The best way to do that is with a site index – one page which lists every page on your site.

That’s where IndexFinger comes in.

IndexFinger will find every HTML page (including PDFs) on your website, put links to it, and even include descriptions of the page taken from the META data. It is an amazingly complicated (and boring) task, and IndexFinger will do it for you in a second.

For a demonstration, check out the Geneffects Site Index. It was created using IndexFinger. View A full screen shot.

Who will find a site index useful?

  • Search Engines: When you submit your web pages to search engines, you want to make sure that their web-crawlers will find every page on your site. The only way to guarantee that is to submit one page with links to every page in your site.
  • Website Patrons: Many users enjoy seeing all of the information a site provides at a glance. Some people bookmark the site index and use it as a jump station.
  • Web Masters: Using IndexFinger you will probably find things on your web site you had no idea were there. You could see links to web pages you thought you had deleted. You may find pages with titles or meta-descriptions you had accidentally copied from other pages.
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5 comments on “IndexFinger – Site Index Generator for Your Web Site
  1. Jose Padilla says:


    I have 2 questions regarding your IndexFinger product:

    1) Does IndexFinger only run on the MAC operating system or does it also run on Windows based systems?

    2) Do you offer a trial version of the software?

    Thank you,


  2. Geneffects says:

    Thank you for your questions. IndexFinger can run on Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris systems. A trial version can be downloaded here.

  3. maelstrom says:

    How does IndexFinger handle dynamic content?

  4. Geneffects says:

    Maelstrom, IndexFinger only works for static html and PDF content.

  5. Kelly J says:

    I don’t know how exactly I found IndexFinger.. google, or maybe versiontracker.. but, man, am I glad I did!
    I have been putting off making a sitemap for my client’s web site, because it had just gotten too huge… IndexFinger saved the day, by compiling all of the information I needed to create my own sitemap.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    -Kelly J
    ps, I linked to your site at the bottom of the new sitemap page, giving IndexFinger credit for helping create the content.

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