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Monday, June 28, 2004

Dead Meadow / Icarus Line

I've been looking forward to the Dead Meadow show for several weeks. I heard them over the PA in between sets for a previous show and was just blown away. I just talked with Steve from the band after he asked me for more beer. I told him the story of my fandom; he said, "thanks," and smiled the yellowest set of of choppers I've seen beyond BBC programming.

The band 400 Blows is playing as I type this. Immediately the ear plugs went in. Jokes on their name aside, this band is really horrible. Thankfully there aren't many people here, so I can just zone out and play Dungeon of Doom. When people come back to the bar I have to resist saying, " is this not the worst thing you've ever heard?" 'Cause who knows? This could be their favorite band in the world. It is a funny result of having over 6 billion people on this planet: No matter how much your band sucks, someone out there will love it.

Icarus Line played an okay set, but I'm not surprised there was no encore - there were like twenty people in the audience by the time they went on.


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