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Monday, November 15, 2004

A Moving Day

Moving Lance and Arica yesterday was a blast. I think I could maybe muster together like two or three people to help me if I were to move. There were thirteen people seeing to it that they moved to Mebane (one exit away from Pure Gold!) Negotiating that piano was great.

One interesting thing to note about that couple: I don't really bring home girls to meet my parents (reasons) but I sometimes, if I've seen them for more than a week or so, introduce them to L&A. The interesting thing is that every one of them - and maybe they are just being nice - says that L&A are like the best people in the world.

After twelve hours of hauling boxes, I am dropped back off in Carrboro to work the Delgados / Crooked Fingers show. A show, I shall say, to which I have been looking forward for quite some time. Huge Delgados fan. Kind of awkward. As it turns out I just hang with KFM for basically the whole Delgados set then, out of nowhere, end up feeling her boob (jokingly, platonically - Molly, not Holly) for about twenty seconds while her friends nervously walk away. (Aside to K: Bachman would have totally done it and was visibly disappointed to have not had the opportunity.) Congrats to K, by the way, for hitting the big two-five two days ahead of schedule!

Some miscellaneous funny things from that show: Some girl hitting me in the arm as hard as she can and then asking me to hit her in the arm as hard as I can. I totally wail on her arm. A bum I kick out threatens to kick my ass then improvises a "fuck you" song on his harmonica. Main Delgados guy loses his wallet. I see him again later at OCSC, inquire, and he found it on the bus. I say, that's good, because if I had found it, I would have sold it on e-bay. "I wouldn't expect any less of you, " he says back! But really, I don't blame him for pigeonholing every American as a greedy crook.

The next night brought Badly Drawn Boy and a lot of deja vu. A lot of the same crowd; arm-punch girl was there. Even the bum that threatened to kick my ass showed up before soundcheck. He snuck into the Cradle and when I told him to leave he caterpillar's from one end of the floor to another. BDB stops playing entirely to watch the spectacle.


karen said...

1. Nice use of the term "X," Orin.

2. Did you tell Bachmann "Hey you just totally missed out on some Molly-autographing!" or are you just guessing at this? Because they're coming back in a matter of months... I don't want to miss a second chance.

3. I hope you didn't mind my interrupting your enjoyment of the Delgados. You can always tell me to fuck off.

8:41 PM  
Geneffects said...

Oh, I talk to him personally and he is all totally into it! That guy is one molly-graphing machine!

3:35 AM  

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