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Friday, March 25, 2005

Help Out Lance!

Lance's brain is always going, and you could help him on his latest:

Call for Website Testers!

I've been working on a new website, and it requires some testing before I can say "it's finished." The site, PostSecretVoice.blogspot.com, will receive anonymous voice mail messages and publish them blog-style as mp3 files. The idea comes from PostSecret, which uses postcards instead of voice mail, and the creator of that project has been supportive of the new site. The remaining unknown is how robust the voicemail-to-blog service is.

That's where you come in! If everyone who reads this site on Friday will visit the new site and follow the instructions to leave a message, I should be able to get a pretty good idea about whether the system if up to the task. There's no need for you to stick to the theme of the site -- any kind of message will do. Say hello, make drum-machine noises, or hold the phone up to the stereo as it plays that audiobook you've been listening to. These test messages will be deleted when testing is complete.

While you're at it, any constructive criticism of the site will be appreciated. Thank you!


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