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Monday, May 23, 2005

Built to Suck

It is very easy to be let down by expectations.

I hadn't heard much of Built to Spill before last year when I worked a show of theirs and was blown away. That show initiated a phase of obsession with them which got to the point that I always had a song of theirs in my head. Always. I would wake up with them in there. It got kind of ridiculous.

The show came and it was a huge let-down. In fact, I felt betrayed. Doug just looked like he was clocking in. At the end of the show Leigh guides me toward the stage and I think that she's going to say something to one of the band members. My heart fluttered a little when instead she checked out what guitar pedals they were using.

I'm sure there were similar let-downs with Star Wars. Aside from some very, very bad moments I'd say I enjoyed the movie.

Brandon and I had a very good day and made some kick-ass Fajitas.


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