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Friday, September 09, 2005

Profiting from Evil

I'm back. turns out I don't have to work till 8:30. That means more time for blogs! more time for.. eh, things other than blogs! As some may know, I've been geeking-out PHP style lately. I made the humanitarian and well-intentioned Hurricane Aid, which, if you click on ads on that site, all money mae from ads will go to the Red Cross. See, you don't have to buy shit. Just click on the fucking ads! Click, done! No money comes from you. It all comes from the advertisers. How can you not be clicking?

So then there are other sites I've made. Top Cash Structured Settlements abd Inheritance Cash Advance. They are similar to Hurricane Aid. Thing is, I consider ads that appear on that site to be, in general, evil. I mean, cash advances on your inheritance? WTF d00d! So I think every click on one of their ads is a great thing, because that's less money from them. They pay every time you click. Each click equals money they are paying. I don't know if I can be more direct about this idea.

If you love me if you love freedom you will go to these pages and click on ads ads ads! Seriously, it's like dollars every time. 4-rizzle.


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