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Thursday, August 04, 2005

12 Mylar Baloons

Thank you all for making my 30th birthday wonderful! A lot of you were there in spirit, and this is understood, as you are unavoidably geographically separated from Chapel Hill. Bellglide, sorry your van was overheating; leaving you stranded in Charlotte. Here's what went down:

Dinner at Carrburritos with A Problem of Alarming Dimensions. Went to Local 506 to set up. Billy Sugarfix went on at 10 leaving APOAD the opportunity to move up to 11. I did a bit of comedy and warmed up crowd for APOAD. Mom showed up right before I took the stage. APOAD takes the stage and promptly goes apeshit. Fashion Design to an impromptu set using My Dear Ella's equipment. My Dear Ella rocked the house.

All in all, 60 people showed up. Glenn of the 506 was a real sport in being supportive of this whole thing, and the night ended well as everyone ended up making a little cabbage.

And all through the night, Leigh was floating in the room in the form of 12 mylar baloons.


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