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Monday, September 26, 2005

What's Sufjan?

"I have the best Miss Pac Man score at every club in the country," says Sufjan.

"Well," I say, "let me turn those games back on so we can test that mettle."

After I turn on Miss (or is it "Mrs"?) PM, I can no longer contain what has been boiling inside of me all night. "You know, Sufjan, your name is a lot like something we have in North Carolina called 'supdog.'"

"Supdog," he says, puzzled. There is a pause. I tense in anticipation. Then, he says it. "What's supdog?"

"Oh, not much."


Ruby said...

Excuse me but it is most decidely Ms. Pacman, and don't you forget it! ;-)

9:34 AM  

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