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Thursday, November 17, 2005


A fun tangram game. My scores:
  1. 922
  2. 1058
  3. 958
  4. 967
  5. 1015
  6. 1060
  7. 1081
I found that if you comlete the first puzzle before hitting "begin" you will always get 100 points for that round. However, hitting "begin" then starting could net you more. A little cheat is to get the first puzzle almost all the way finished, click "begin", then put in the final piece. (I did that with the final score.)


Starleet said...

I didn't use any of your cheating methods and I got 839 as my score for my first time, and I made it to their top 20! I LOVE tanagrams- it is so werid cause I was thinking about them the other day, and how I used to play with them with my parents as a kid. We should do it in person sometime!

12:21 PM  

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