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Monday, December 12, 2005
A lady asks Mike for a Bud Lite in a bottle.

"We only have it in the can"

"Awesome," she shouts.

Not really under my breath but just loud enough for only the other bartenders to hear I say, "some girls really like it in the can."

I thought this was mildly funny but the other two 'tendaz a splode with laughter. So much so that it garners the ire of the patron.

"You talkin about me behind my back? What you say?"

God. Why not? I'll just tell her. "I said some girls really like it in the can."

Her friends kind of laugh but she comes back with, "you're damn right they do!"

It looks like they finaly put up my Post Secret.


Lance McCord said...

It's sweeter in the can. Must be something about the lining. Nice post card -- is the text all a part of a single printed whole, or did you work some cut and paste magic?

7:46 PM  
karen said...

Damn! Your sense of humour is unbelievable. What would I do without you?

8:32 PM  
James Bond, 42, local man said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

I don't get it.



Ha ha.

Wait, that wasn't funny.

11:24 PM  

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