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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I feel a little manipulated. Friends of mine will know that a hobby lately has been to check out odd suffixed domain names. About a half an hour ago I discovered that the.at was not take. Imagine that! According to about.com "the" and "at" are the first and twenty-second most popular English words, respectively. What an awesome domain! I could image cool logos and catch slogans instantly. Okay then, let's head over to my buddies at GoDaddy to buy that sucker. Okay... typing it in... still available, okay, let's buy it.... What the fuck?? 80 dollars!? No way, Jose. I head to Google to find some other registrars. Some kinda shady ones are offering it for 38 euros which is about 45 dollars. Not bad, but I don't know how I feel about their shadyness. EuropeRegistry looks legit, let's just perform a search to see if.... holy fuck. You're kidding me. You're fucking kidding me. "the.at" is already taken? No fucking way. I knew it! I knew these shady registries checked out what you were searching on and then would (sometimes, given parameters) auto-buy those domains before you! Mother fuckers! I race back to GoDaddy and hit reload... hmm... it seems to still think it is available. Something's fishy, but I'm panicking, so I shed a little tear and pony up the 80 bucks hoping that EuropRegistry is just full of shit and GoDaddy knows what it's doing. Things seem to work out. So there you have it. I own THE.AT.

Happy Ending: SomethingAwful came up with some work-safe porn we can all enjoy.


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