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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple Needs to Respect Privacy

BoingBoing told me that the latest version of iTunes spys on what you listen to. In response I've made this .666 seconds of silence mp3 titled Apple Needs to Respect Privacy. Load this song to your iTunes and play it over and over. If enough people do this, Apple will notice.


Dean. James Dean. said...

I have too much privacy.

Better Apple than John Ashcroft.


I'm not helping.

(Yes, I realize John Ashcroft is no longer Attorney General of the United States. However, he is peeking in my window as I write this.)

8:47 PM  
Ruby said...

Right on. I'm playing it now.

3:57 PM  
Brian R. said...

FYI... just so everyone knows the minimall aka spyware thing is in iTunes 6.0.2.

Have you heard of last.fm?

8:26 PM  

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