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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Evil Wiener / Ghosts of Rock

Last night was my night off before the long drive. I stopped by Ron and Soliel's place to get some work for L&KFA, and Ron told me about the birthday party for Karen being thrown at the 506. Usually I shy away from this kind of thing, but the bands playing - Evil Wiener and Ghosts of Rock - were just so cool that I couldn't pass up.

Before the show Josh and I got together, played some b-ball and drank some 24oz Pabst on the railroad tracks behind the Teeter. Josh is a cool kid, but I don't think he considers this town his home - or he doesn't feel at home. I think that'd change if he found himself a nice woman-type.

We get there just about when the Wiener started. Billy gave me a brief moment of fame when he pointed me out as the web designer for their site. Doing Ron's page, singer for The Ghosts of Rock, made me the web head for the night.

Probably the most comfortable I have ever been at the 506. It felt like not only did I know half the people, but I was was friends (or at least friendly) with them. Ned was there looking as awkward as usual. The perennial Matt and Ashley. Laird and Kevin Dixon. Jenny and Trish. Wolf-man Jeff. Chuck, Groves, Carson, Anedeliene, Lewis, Lizzy Shelton, Frodo. Glen Booth was there and I finally got the perfect chance to tell him he looks like exactly Colin Quinn because "Tough Crowd" turned on the TV right behind his candy-selling head. I wanted to do the karaoke, but there was no topping the "Baby Got Back" performance. Maybe if I learned the words to "O.P.P."

I probably shouldn't drink like that any more though as I was crapping blood today.


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