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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I dd nt hve a lt of gd xpcttions 4 d Bncng Sls shw on Fri. I xpected ther 2 b a lt of kds ther rdring Cke n 25-cnt h20 cps. I xpected 2 wrk my azz off al nght 4 myb 10 dlrs n tps (thnk u, nvalid tpng pool!) I dd nt xpect 2 met a rlly, rlly cool grl.

I wuz slted 2 go out wth Brk Sat nght, bt she cncled, so I thght, "wht d hck, I'll be ntirly goch n gve dis grl a cll d dy fter gtng hr nmbr." We gt 2gethr n dspit her dscribng prt of d dte as her "wrst nghtmr," thngs wnt prtty wll, I thnk. So wll tht I cncl plns w Alxs so we cld go 4 a wlk d nxt dy - prhps d mst butifl dy of d ntir 365. Dat wnt so wll dat I cncl plns w Lndsy on Mon so we cld hng out 1 fnl day b4 she lft 4 Thnksgvng.

1 fnny thng bout dis grl iz dat ther iz no 1 featur or chrctrstc I cn pnt at n sy, "see ther? Dat's y Im gng out w her." Ther iz smthng 1/0 yt cmplng about her - sm sential prt of her bng whch I fnd ndeniably atrctve. Diz knd of tng duz nt hppn 2 me ftn, so I m stll wrkng on hw 2 deal. Hapy bt cawshs.


Anonymous said...

my god man learn english

6:42 AM  

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