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Monday, December 13, 2004

An Evil Wiener Christmas Show

Evil Wiener... is the Christmas spirit. They embody it. They are the one band that can successfully pull off Theremin Christmas Song Jukebox Requests, a filmstrip of A Christmas Carol with audience members reading the dialogue and going "bing!" when the reel needed to be advanced, then a rockin' show culminating with a dance-party group sing-a-long.

My own personal favorite part of the filmstrip was Billy reading the dialogue, and then, like we're all rappers, the audience chimes in on every third word. (Some frames we read in the voice of Satan, and though I feared this would solidify my name in the evil lord's dark book, I still did it.) I also enjoyed the crayons and coloring sheets provided. I flipped mine and drew a Hershey's Kiss and cigarette butts instead of the Halloween witch outline on the other side.

The truly remarkable aspect of the evening is that Chapel Hill is filled with shoegazers who'll be damned if they shoe any enthusiasm for anything, so getting them to sing along to anything, much less Feliz Navidad, is just short of miraculous.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, some band names for Meredith:

  • Twisted Monkey Fist
  • The Barely Legal Teens
  • The Shoegazers
  • Hoppy's Bewildered and Blank Expressions


pinky said...

Arugh!! I am so mad I missed that show! However, the computer doctor was at my house saving my compy from terminal evilness. Oh well. There's always next Christmas.

7:31 PM  
Beth said...

Snobby Johnny in a Truck
Truckload of Fuckers

Those are band names dreamed up on a slightly drunken front porch afternoon years ago.

5:04 PM  

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