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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Good Cybersex

Wired News' Regina Lynn recently wrote about the lack of good, online sex-chat.

Lordy oh man was she ever right.

spongebob69: I fumble with your bra straps
nottygrl784: do you need some help?
spongebob69: no, I got it.
nottygrl784: r u sure?
spongebob69: yeah, almost there
nottygrl784: ugh. just let me. there. its unhooked.
spongebob69: i take off your bra
nottygrl784: im covering my boobs
spongebob69: you shldnt. u r ttly hotttt!
nottygrl784: whatev.
spongebob69: u r naked now
nottygrl784: k
spongebob69: k, i'm going 4 it
nottygrl784: im just laying there
spongebob69: kind of not sure where things are
nottygrl784: its right where u left it
spongebob69: k got it
spongebob69: im thrusting awkwardly
nottygrl784: im still laying there
spongebob69: still thrusting
nottygrl784: still laying there
spongebob69: my erections kind of going down
spongebob69: but I hope you dont notice
spongebob69: ;-)
nottygrl784: i'm still lyaing there
spongebob69: concentr8ng. still methodically thrusting
nottygrl784: i think im strting to xperience some pleasure
spongebob69: OH MY GOD IM COMMING!!!!!
spongebob69: ...
spongebob69: im collapsing on top of you
nottygrl784: oof
nottygrl784: still laying there
nottygrl784: but now more awkwrdly
nottygrl784: im condiscndingly pating you on the back


Geneffects said...

Regina Lynn emailed: LOL cute - thanks for the link!

10:34 AM  
Beth said...

"im condiscndingly pating you on the back."

Yep. There's a truth that stings, fellas.

12:44 PM  

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