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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Culling your iTunes

Wanting to trim your iTunes library? I think a good way to start is to look at songs that you have had the longest but have played the least. You can do this by making a smart playlist with the following criteria:

  • Date Added - Is not in the last - 6 - Months
  • Play Count - is less than - 6

Use your best judgment when picking numbers, but 6 seems to do a good job for me. Then go to your newly created playlist and sort by play count. The tracks near the bottom are your most likely suspects for deletion.


Lance McCord said...

Your advice helped me to make my iPod socially acceptable again. I write this to ask for more advice. Frequent outbreaks of unsightly pustules on my back and shoulders have lead to horrid stains on my dining room tablecloth - I can't even have friends over for dinner any longer! Is there any hope for me?

--Disgusting in Denver

9:54 PM  

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