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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

XGF Convo

Corey and Kelly: a former couple with gender-reversed names, and friends of the XGF. Today XGF calls up:

ME: Hey, I saw Kelly at the bar the other day and he told me he's single now.
XGF: Oh, I can't date the ex of a friend. That'd be wrong.
ME: Why not? I'm totally dating Corey, so I don't see the problem.
XGF: [hang-up sound]
ME: ...
ME: Feh.

It was obvious in my tone (or so I thought) that I was joking. Billy sez I'm the only person he knows who's sense of humor causes more personal trouble than his does. I think XGF just likes hanging up on me.


Anonymous said...

And just when I thought that we could be friends- you go and break another promise.-xgf

1:44 PM  

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