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Monday, July 04, 2005

Zen Frisbee, Mindless Self Insulgence, The Fourth

Aided the moms in the final throes of her one-over move. I found a box containing old music memorabilia (club schedules, old tix (Radiohead!)). In it was responses to some fan letters (!) I wrote to a Carrboro band, Zen Frisbee. 1995 hit me in the face later in the evening when I found that ZF were holding a reunion show at The Cave. There was some guy passed out in a booth at the cave. Not unusual, but then Amanda nudges me and points out that the guy had unzipped his pants and was unconsciously stroking his hog. To my complete shock Amanda grabs a beer and pours it on the guys crotch. Alyssa expressed her awkwardness at having unknowingly straddled his exposed crotch so I pull his 200+ pound body out of the booth and take him outside. ZF put on a good show. It was great to see Ann there - especially apropos considering it was 0701.

Mindless Self Indulgence played to a crowd of young vampires Saturday. While their goth metal was staccatically chirping I was busying my mind with thought experiments regarding the mechanisms required for the origin of successful cooperative behavior. Mops were set on fire. Hyper-pregnant moms were smoking. A girl got her ass signed by the guitarist then spends the rest of the night making out with the obscene french clown of a singer (think Roberto Benigni on meth) while her boyfriend looks on awkwardly. Out of nowhere Mary stops by after work and we go for a bike ride.

Looking forward to seeing how the Fourth shapes up. Helping Kemp with Eno Festival then basking in Evil Wiener at the cave. (Hv ben nstlgc 4 d tym whn 1 wuz Cht Kncklchst.)


spankmewithaspoon said...

Next time I travel South I will definately do my research first and make plans to see you. My problem was limited internet access as well as plans being made for me. Went to Eno on Sunday and enjoyed Yawa, a Blue Grass band, and an Indian singer, as well as soaked a bit in the River. That night I only met a friend after the show at Cat's Cradle but did sneak in for the encore. I love Carrboro, and could see myself carving out a lifestyle there. Quite a scene Thur nites at Weaver St Market. Wishing you the BEST! Spoony

1:39 PM  

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