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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Local Homeless

Charles sat with me for most of one show. He seemed to be doing okay in life. Heck, according to him he was paying more per month in rent than I was. Then he hit me up for money to get some food. I had just ordered a pizza so I went inside and brought it out and offered it to him. With a trapped look on his face he grabs a piece, kind of nibbles on it a bit, then tosses it. "I guess you weren't all that hungry after all, eh?"

Gavin Goodbread did a real solid the other night when I was kicking some bum out and it was just about to potentially get bad he steps in and says, "I'm out of here anyway, c'mon man, follow me," then ushers the guy away. (This was right after Gavin told how his high-school crush sucked off some guy from the Fleshtones when he went into the audience.)

The other night I actually gave two bucks to a beggar because instead of being a black hetro, he was a white homo. It was the novelty, really. Steve (aka "BossMan") may be a homo, but he's such a staple his novelty has worn off.


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