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Friday, June 24, 2005

Iron and Wine

"This crowd is so reverent!" exclaimed Josh. And he was right, in between songs you could barely hear a word. Everyone was hushed with respect for Iron and Wine. But then - almost as if this universe was created just for my personal amusement - someone cut the most perfect fart sound I've ever heard.

"Did that just happen?" Someone behind us asked no one in particular.

No one laughed out loud but everyone around us began quaking in that kind of silent laugh where they'd go on and on and on and then finally get it under control then the person next to them would start shaking and it'd start up again.


pinky said...

So choice! Was it you who let it? I bet it was!!

7:19 PM  
Beth said...

It was me. I loathe Iron & Wine so I went to the show and committed acts of social terrorism, immediately after eating a huge amount of refried beans and onions. I think a few people fainted. I totally won.

8:53 AM  

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