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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More Posts

I realized recently that things which would normally be events to a lot of people are no longer worth mentioning for me. Or, wait, what I mean is that I don't think of mentioning them. Like the Sufjan Stevens post, for example, some kid passed out and and started having a seizure becuase he ate an 1/8oz of mushrooms before the show. Did I mention that? Nope. I thought some trite, "what's supdog?" joke was more entertaining. Last year set a high bar for what became a blog, but, at Leigh's request, I'm going to make more of an effort to write at least a little more.


Starleet said...

the "supdog" ancedote WAS more entertaining. if we wanna hear the events, we'll watch the evening news... we turn to you for the human experience Brian!

5:50 PM  
James Bond, 420 said...

I eat 2 oz of mushrooms and have three seizures every morning before breakfast, and you don't see me writing about it.

4:18 AM  

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