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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Openly Laughing in the Face of GOD!

Brack Power

People are nearly shitting themselves over the realism of these computer graphic sharks in computer graphic water

You stay classy, Iraq

Aerogel? Oh mankind! Must we openly laugh in the face of God?!!

Sometimes it is nice having people that are less intelligent that you exist. I always wondered what would happen if one responded to one of those obviously fake, obviously formulaic craigslist posts of women seeking discrete encounters. This local guy falls for it and has graciously posted his perplexed response.

Just like a South Carolinian scientist to develop a method to create bacon using a printer. Pffft, South Carolina.


Fonda...Jane Fonda said...

Is this the whole article? --

"Ink-jet printing has come a long way; we used to use it for what was called 'hard copy.' Soon, you will be able to use a modified ink-jet printer to make yourself some breakfast."

Call me a cynic, but where precisely is the overlap between ink jet printing and making breakfast? Maybe I don't make breakfast like South Carolinians do, but if I am not mistaken, an ink jet printer spits out a JET OF INK, whereas making breakfast requires intensive manual labor like opening a pizza box.

3:28 AM  

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