Data mining, visualization: If you have a complex data set you would like to mine or need a creative method of visualization, we are proven in this area.


Novel Exon

Proteogenomics: Let us do a six-frame analysis of your MS/MS data for you. Our software, Peppy, is just the beginning. We are constantly developing and making new advances. Some of these include:

  • User-friendly reports that show which genes are affected by novel coding
  • Detecting protein alt-splicing and cleavages
  • Detecting acid variations
  • Detailed precursor and fragment accuracy reports

If you are interested customized features on some of our software, or are looking for a new application altogether, let us discuss your project.

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Geneffects Software

  • MuSing Applying evolution to musical rhythms
  • Simphile Text pattern similarity detector
  • eVita open source cellular automata

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