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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New York 1 - The trip up

Though, after some research, I found blood in the stool was probably not caused by binge drinking but rather more serious problems ("Anal sex injury" being one, and believe you me, I thought long and hard to remember if there were any moments of lost time), I decided to undertake the first leg of the trip to New York. An hour outside of DC and I was not feeling good. My poops was good that morning, but abdominal pains increased throughout the day. Finally, around 5PM, after continual thoughts of turning the car right around and ruining it for everyone, the pain suddenly started going away. I feel pretty good now, but am pissed off at my present situation - a situation shared by the majority of the world - lack of good health care.

Traffic was pretty abysmal from people getting a head start on the weekend of the Fourth. We decided to take 395 through DC and then 1 when took us even deeper into DC. Seeing the sights was great, but the party ended pretty quickly when what we thought was highway 1 suddenly came to an end and we had to choose between right or left.

Several hours later we arrive at the campsite. Avery an I play with a light stick. The lightning bugs, perhaps out of a feeling of competition with out stick, formed a gossamer sheet on the canopy. The moon was full and the color of an aged nectarine.


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