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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dear, Owen Wilson!

Oh, Owen! Your twinkling eyes and charming, off-center smile haunted my dreams again last night! We were in an episode of the Gilmore Girls and Lorelai was wearing this stunning blue sequined dress with a low cut out back and the sides were kind of cut out too and you could almost see her boobs! I think you were her boyfriend or your were going out or something, which kind of made me mad, Owen, but after all it is just the TV and not real life so I was only kind of miffed for like a second. The night was gorgeous! Straight out of a fairy-tale which I am sure is just like every date with you! Well, then the dream gets kind of fuzzy and I guess the show ended or something because the we see the scene where you are at your house and you have a white towel around your waist and you are laying on a table on your belly like you are going to get a massage or something but there's no one around to give you a massage (can it be me?). You can tell from the music that we are about to discover something dark and creepy about you (your character, I mean! LOL) and so the camera zooms in on your face and stays there a moment, but then it pans down your back to where your towel is and we see all this hair poking out. And then suddenly your towel like flies off and we suddenly see that you are a Centaur! "Oh, my God! Owen Wilson is a Centaur," we can almost hear the whole nation screaming! But then it gets kind of weird for a Gilmore Girls episode and we see that you are not a normal Centaur, but some sort of mutant Centaur that has a horses head where your butt is! The horse can talk and it starts telling these knock knock jokes which were soooooo corny and not even funny, but I kinda laughed anyway.


Anonymous said...

Was that a David Foster Wallace send-up? I can't tell. And Owen Wilson really is a centaur.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found that card you gave me while I was unpacking, so I thought I'd check out your page. Blog. What a funny word.

Lauren [the toilet cleaning intern]

PS. Owen Wilson is FANtastic!

2:52 AM  

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