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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Of Life, Ergo, Cycling

Through my life I have maintained a general love for the living. This panaphilia wanes and waxes, for sure, but has been consistently present. There are times, though, when my disgust for acts of specific humans throws a disfiguring divot in this sphere. A time like when the basic sanctity of an individual. of a friend, is torn and discarded.

It, pain, suffering, is to be expected and is, in fact, logical consequences of the existence of happiness and satisfaction just as a hill for the Tour de France is the result of a rewarding downhill. Knowing this, as they have traversed hills such as these thousands of times, does not prevent the cyclists from exclaiming, "oh Jesus Christ, this sucks."

So, to all the cyclists negotiating this particular climb I say that I am sorry and that I can neither believe that this hill even exists nor why so many are forced up its wretched slope.


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