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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bellafea V. Des Ark

Celebrating the 7-inch release, Bellafea and Des Ark played alternating songs in their practice space on the outskirts of Chapel Hill. At the risk of being overly romantic, it is in little pockets of the world such as that where the new front of music is being born. Bellafea was dwarfed by the pure musical ability of Des Ark, but one thing B had which DA did not is a charm evoked in the vocals which DA tends to hide with a grinding guitar. The money shot of the night arrived as Heather sang profiled and silhouetted while short, black-haired, tragically dressed girls asynchronously bobbed their heads all encased in the halo of the backlight.

In my head:
Des Ark would finish and: "Aw damn, Bellafea! You gonna take that from Des Ark?"
Bellafea would slam out a song: "Shit, Des Ark! Bellafea put tha smackdown! Show 'em whatcha got!"

Afterwards a DJ busted out some Disco/80's tunes and the sausage factory started grinding!


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