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Friday, October 01, 2004

All's Well on the Meniscus

Despite the jovial nature of my posts as of late I feel that perhaps things are not all right with me. My personality is kind of shifting as is my self-image. I don't know if this is a point of concern, but this tectonic motion is rather sudden. I've been keeping myself busy with little distracting projects which, as Josh would say, is typical of a Type Seven personality. (That whole Nine-Personality-Types thing, by the way, seem to hit the nail uncomfortably on the head with me, at least, more often than not. Maybe a post about it later? Maybe?) The typical Seven will escape inner problems with stimulus from the outside world; shifting from project to project.

Lately I've been using my time writing music for BrandNewBand, making Geneffects programs, Image Search Engine Optimization stuff, OCAG, Evil Weiner, silently sobbing in a darkened room, donating platelets, Billy Sugar Fix's Custom Serenades, running, and, how could I leave off The Chuck Garrison Secret Project to conquer the world. (Ron Liberti, I'll get to you, I swear I swear.)

I have been getting migraine headaches (link shows what my visual distortions kind of look like, but superimposed on reality) every day for the past three days. Given, the second one may have been because Sky Captain sucked.

Maybe this is just what happens with change? Life is, admittedly, in a state of flux now. Perhaps I'm just getting my sea legs for the meniscus.


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