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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Thursday, thanks a whole frckn lot to evnts of Wed morn, I hd to hit the pnic btn in lfe drwng and get the trnation out of thre tout suite. Nvr a prob be-4. Ttaly nawze8ing. Hd 2 fke the urgnt bthrm vst and jst get some air and like chll out for a scnd.

Thnks 2 the angry teeth on a wrght Fe fence on Frnklin St. I spnt a lrg pt of 2day shttling smeone 2 the urgnt care facilities in drhm. I trid 2 read but the TV was distrcting. Even the volum and even the pwr swtch were rigged sos that i couldn't silence the bst. Last nght for JLC I could read no prblm. Loud rck-n-rll no prblm. Sft infotnmnt, bg prblm.


karen said...

U cnt hndle sft infotnmnt? Wtz yr prblm?

2:24 AM  

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