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Friday, October 01, 2004

Another stupid Grammar

Now that I have developed the grammar rendering engine I used with Infinite Generator, I can make any damn grammar I want and have it churn out semi-intelligible drivel. Since I've been thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a lot and reading a lot of their websites, I thought I'd make a grammar that sounds like a really excited person with bad english describing their new SEO website:

are there websites that provide search engine optimization services? getting higher search engine placement is accomplished with optimizing site navigation elements and site architecture. Our company is totally-nifty at search engine ranking report. search engine optimization is, with the proper perspective, similar to AOL optimization services but you take a different approach to keyword science linguistics research.

Only we have perfected recursive redirection.

keyword discovery is the best way to handle AOL ranking.

are there people that provide search engine placement? of course it is certain that getting guaranteed search engine placement is, in some respect, equal to search engine optimization. Only we have perfected search engine partnering.

Only we have perfected themed keyword saturation throughout the site. what distinguishes image SEO is quality organic search engine optimization.


karen said...

I'm not sure why I find this post to be so funny.... ?

12:13 AM  

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